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In the BMG we focus on developing biomedical models and hypotheses for future biomedical research projects using data from both studies and collaborations.

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Blog posts

Infection Group Journal Club, 26th Jan

Michael Pitcher will be presenting to the School of Medicine’s Infection Group next Thursday. The talk will be a Journal Club meeting, where he will be discussing the following article from the Lancet Infectious Diseases:

P. T. Elkington and J. S. Friedland, “Permutations of time and place in tuberculosis,” Lancet Infect. Dis., vol. 15, no. 11, pp. 1357–1360, 2015..

The Personal View piece discusses the need for a new interpretation of the life cycle of Tuberculosis with reference to both the timescales of infection and the localisation within the lung of varying stages of the infection.

The meeting is at 10:00am Thursday 26th January in Seminar Room 1, School of Medicine.

Computational Models of Tuberculosis

On 10th February, Michael Pitcher gave a talk on his upcoming work for his PhD.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 11.07.07

Michael is a first-year PhD student based in the School of Computer Science, whose research also involves close collaboration with the School of Medicine. Michael’s work involves investigation of the use of computational models to simulate the progression and treatment of tuberculosis within individuals.